Say 'Middle Ceeeeee!'


Step on it.

Wavy pianist…

The submitter asks: “Is she playing Debussy or Ravel, by any chance???”

Cue a whole-tone scale, or the music for the Neighborhood of Make-Believe…


Looks like they were comparing notes.

But not playing any. Because it’s hard to play when you’re draped over the keyboard, overcome with sadness.

Close to the heart

Here’s a key solution to the perpetual problem of how to identify pianists without pinning them inside the piano.

(previous solution)

Awkwardness for the whole family

Finally, Awkward Classical Music Photos meets Awkward Family Photos.

You know, even though they’re all stuck under the piano, they look happy. Except for the one who’s actually in focus.

In a fog

Dude, I think your music is on fire. The sheet music. Burying your elbows in smoke.

Pianist, four hands

Pianist, four hands

Or, the power of reflection.


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