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Pianist, four hands

Pianist, four hands

Or, the power of reflection.

(Nearly) naked and (definitely) pregnant

Lovely yet awkward. If my mom made me an album, I’m not sure I’d want it immortalized quite like this. “Mother! Put some clothes on!”

The (d)evolution of strings

I really don’t want to know what that squatting violinist is up to.

But at least, in the end, they reach the golf cart on the right-hand side of the street.

Horn of plenty


Or should that be “plenty of horns”?

Hit me, baby, one more time

That’s not quite what they meant by “col legno”…

Where did her legs go?

“Thankfully the violinist survived the tragic steamroller accident to play another day,” said the reader who submitted this.

But seriously, where did her legs go? Is she a mermaid?

Light and Dark

As @dasmooke said, the sunlight is most intriguingly placed.

The winning caption comes from @zerbinettasblog: “He is an angel sent from heaven to sing you an aria, then sell you a crappy used Peugeot.”

Line ‘em up

My, my. He has so many instruments, and all of them are, uhh, standing at attention.

Blow me away

Don’t fall off the wall with the force of the blast, folks.

Show me some skin!

And don’t smile.

This is another photo from a calendar. (Previously.) It manages to be both gorgeous and supremely awkward.

The sparks are flying

…while three of the four just stand there looking blasé.

Raise a brass!

And toast to…. I don’t know what.

Keep your friends close…


…and your cello even closer.

Knock me over with a feather

If not a feather, perhaps was it an earthquake that knocked them over? A hurricane? Tornado?

And what are we supposed to think of that leg wrap-around? Gentlemen, care to explain?

I knew you were in there all along

It’s like a new kind of jack-in-the-box: a quartet popping out from behind a double bass.

The Piano Trio Problem

We’ve had Awkward Piano Trio Day. We’ve had Blowin’ in the Wind Day. We’ve had Column-Buyin’. And more.

But none of these trios had figured out the Eternal Piano Problem: how to include the pianist’s instrument in a photo shoot without draping everyone awkwardly around the piano itself.

Fear not. There is a solution.

A tiny, toy solution.

Pastoral and Puns

Yeah, these aren’t strictly classical albums. But we couldn’t resist.

These puns weigh heavily upon us.

What happens when you have a paranoid photographer?

The paranoid photographer says, “Stop looking at me.” One guy laughs and looks away. “Seriously, do not look at me.” Another one looks away. “I mean it.” They look serious and turn their eyes away.

(Thanks to Saporman99 for sending this in.)

Black, white, and red all over.

He got tired of feeling like a mere prop to lovely women in red dresses.

They wouldn’t even look at him.

So he took matters into his own arms.

Drop it like it’s hot.


You, too, mister.

Yoga day: chair pose!

Also: color balance, anyone? That poor horn player looks a little jaundiced.


A brave musician sent in some awkward outtakes from her quartet’s photo shoot.

I could swear there were four pe – hey, dude behind the tree, your viola is showing.

Which planet is this?

Sometimes, we’re just left without words.

Two different people have sent this one in.

Standard-issue awkwardness

Let’s just make it Awkward Piano Trio Day.



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