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Mirror, mirror, on the wall…

…who’s the saxiest of them all?

The ruffliest?

The 80s-est?

Why not here, you ask? Because it looks awkward.


Also, aren’t questions like “Why not here” supposed to have question marks?


Because when they’re this good bad, you can’t pick just one.

It’s a nice touch that they wore the same shoes with each outfit.

If you can call them “outfits.”

(We were saving this post for a rainy day, but since the quartet’s identity has been exposed (ahem), we decided to go ahead and share.)

Blowin’ in the wind

ahn trio standing in the wind

I think the wind machine got turned up to 11. And they’re so excited! And they’re wearing so many patterns!

Early music, early photo

I know it’s early, and that might justify the vacant stare, but in general: don’t let photographers in when you’re wearing a nightgown.

(via @newharpischord)


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