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Tip your hat to this piano trio. Maybe their getup will help rope in new audiences.

The Piano Trio Problem

We’ve had Awkward Piano Trio Day. We’ve had Blowin’ in the Wind Day. We’ve had Column-Buyin’. And more.

But none of these trios had figured out the Eternal Piano Problem: how to include the pianist’s instrument in a photo shoot without draping everyone awkwardly around the piano itself.

Fear not. There is a solution.

A tiny, toy solution.

Black, white, and red all over.

He got tired of feeling like a mere prop to lovely women in red dresses.

They wouldn’t even look at him.

So he took matters into his own arms.

Standard-issue awkwardness

Let’s just make it Awkward Piano Trio Day.



The Arte of Miss-ing the Mark.

Blowin’ in the wind

ahn trio standing in the wind

I think the wind machine got turned up to 11. And they’re so excited! And they’re wearing so many patterns!


“What are they?”

“Well, they’re nice little stands for houseplants. But if we stand around them, maybe have the pianist drape his hands over one since he doesn’t have an instrument to hold, we’ll look cool.”

Gryphon Trio


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